On Maxi-ism, Community, and Bitcoin

I have a confession to make, I’m a Bitcoin maxi. Well, sort of. I add that qualifier because I’m not a maxi maxi who believes Bitcoin is the Sauron-esque one crypto to rule them all. But I do believe that Bitcoin to $1 million is…

On The Graph and Knowing Where to Place Bets

If you’re ever road tripping through central and southwest Colorado, you will inevitably see signs directing you to visit ghost towns. Ghost towns, for those unfamiliar, are abandoned and failed towns that were once thriving — their decline the result of…

I’ve had a lot of success cold emailing my way into interviews and jobs at tech startups. After a recent Twitter thread resulted in 50+ people asking for a template, I put together this guide. Please feel free to reach me on Twitter @elikamerow with any questions or comments.


Eli Kamerow

the best API is assuming positive intent

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